The Cherry Tree

retail of high quality pickles, chutneys and jams, plus the exclusive Cherry Tree cheeses

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Description of franchise system

Mmmh... Jammy!

The Cherry Tree is a family run business that has been operating since 1997. Within this time we have been selling our range of chutneys, pickles, marmalades and jams at local markets, outdoor events, and prestigious shows all over the country. We have produced handmade premium quality jams, chutneys, specialty preserves , confectionary and sauces for more than twenty years.

We're very proud of the premium quality of our products, and it became clear that we're the unrivalled market leader when we've won several awards in 2007. Today, tasty chutneys are a regular item in food cupboards with the ability to add a special zing to really any dish – including salads, cheeses, stir-fries, and sausages.

Classical jam was originally made to preserve fresh fruits, with blackcurrant and strawberry as the most popular fruits for jam. Cherry Tree jam brings a wide range of rewarding and rich flavors to the world of jam and makes a simple toast a really magical experience.

Our jams are produced with only the best fruits in the old way to preserve the natural, full fruit flavor. In addition to the classical breakfast marmalades that's made from only finest oranges from Seville, our product range also includes many specialty flavors that make every breakfast an exciting experience . In Britain, people grow up on horseradish sauces – roast beef with lots of horseradish sauce is a traditional Sunday meal.

Our company's horseradish sauce is really versatile and made exactly the way a good horseradish sauce should be. Our products are also available in our online shop. Now, we're on the mission of spreading Cherry Tree all over the UK, and we're seeking enthusiastic individuals who believe in our high values and wish to start their own franchise business.

Franchise concept

Two successful companies behind you

Going to festivals, street markets, and special events, you'll sell our product range including like marmalades, jams, and cheese. Our franchise package is a common project of two successful companies, Cherry Tree and Forest Products. Each of the two companies brings its specific fields.

After we made the decision to expand our business all over the UK and offer our products to everyone in the country, Cherry Tree decided to join forces with the Forest Products company to launch a new franchise business, and today this is the actual franchisor but our franchisees operate under the brand name “Cherry Tree?.

We don't require any sales experience or product knowledge, our franchise business is easy to run as you can operate it from a home office. You will only need a small room with a fridge to store the products.

Franchise partner profile

Start a new business TODAY

If you're a people's person, a good communicator, and very enthusiastic about good food, then Cherry Tree could be the ideal franchise opportunity for you! Find out, if we are right for each other by taking the first step. Contact us to find out more.


The Cherry Tree (UK)

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The Cherry Tree

retail of high quality pickles, chutneys and jams, plus the exclusive Cherry Tree cheeses

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