indoor energy efficiency and air quality solutions

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Description of franchise system

ROTOBRUSH INTERNATIONAL is an industry-leading provider of indoor energy efficiency and air quality solutions to businesses, contractors and entrepreneurs. From their headquarters in the Dallas/Fort Worth region, the franchise company uses a huge team of professionals in the commercial and residential marketplaces to achieve some of the best solutions in the business. With decades of industry experience, Rotobrush has demonstrated their dedication to both customer and franchisee satisfaction by offering world-class business support, marketing and domestic training.

Rotobrush started out by providing their own patented brush-and-vacuum technique for cleaning air ducts . Then word traveled, and an ever-increasing number of contractors wanted to own their own Rotobrush system. And so Rotobrush changed from a service business to a franchisor and producer of air duct cleaning supplies, equipment, and video examination systems. Today, the company offers a full range of solutions for indoor air quality, and they have broadened their offering to also include energy efficiency services.

There is no questioning that there is money in the air duct business. Research shows that that roughly 50% of all homeowners buy the air duct cleaning service when it is offered to them. This is tremendous odds for your business! When one thinks about how many homeowners such a business can serve and how many more are in the area, the amazing potential for profit it becomes clear.

Air duct cleaning is among the most rapidly growing service businesses for entrepreneurs. People place a high value on quality air and comfortable homes, and businesses want to find ways to create a healthy work environment. Rotobrush can help take advantage of this huge market need!

Franchise concept

Quality franchisee training is very important to Rotobrush. The company’s certified RotoMasters Training is a 2-day program that deals with both the technical and marketing sides of the business in a comfortable environment that makes learning easy. After finishing the training course, you will be fully prepared to run a successful Rotobrush air duct cleaning business , as well as learn useful techniques in marketing, sales, pricing, and much more.

Additionally, the second day of this comprehensive training is presented by the consulting team of John and Vicki LaPlant, and will teach you how to maximize your profits. The LaPlants have extensive experience in the HVAC industry, and their program is intended to convert your business into a profitable and thriving enterprise. Subjects include overhead, labor costs, pricing methods, and more.

Franchise partner profile

If you are an accomplished entrepreneur that has sufficient finances, a commitment to enthusiastically managing your business, and have the ability to perform the Rotobrush service and transport the equipment, the Rotobrush Company wants to talk to you about starting a new business or expanding the one you already have.

Rotobrush can give you the chance you need to be your own boss , part time or full, and finally realize financial freedom. Just fill out the information below and find out if Rotobrush is the right franchise opportunity for you!


indoor energy efficiency and air quality solutions

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