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Franchise - MarbleLife
stone restoration - Franchise

Description of franchise system

MARBLELIFE is the biggest retailer of stone maintenance and restoration services in all of North America. Their top-rated services include restoring marble, limestone, slate, travertine, granite and all other kinds of stone, as well as artificial stones such as corian and other manufactured materials for countertops.

MARBLELIFE has been around for a long time and is among the most famous businesses in their industry. Having done work for such famous personages as Frank Sinatra and Aaron Spelling, as well as famous properties like the Rockefeller Center, the Beverly Hills Hotel, and the J. Paul Getty Museum, Marblelife's franchise owners offer cleaning, restoring and protecting services for dimensional and natural stone surfaces all over the world.

The MARBLELIFE Company first started in 1988 when Union Carbide, a large chemical company, identified the stone maintenance and restoration industry as a huge emerging market segment that showed a tremendous potential for increased chemical sales. The company used their knowledge of the chemical business to make products that were specially suited to stone restoration. After much research and many stone cleaning chemical patents, they developed a strategy to sell their products around the world through a franchise company.

Finally, after some difficulty in getting the franchise corporation to be profitable, Union Carbide eventually sold the company to a man named Ed Williams who is still the current Company CEO. Williams, previously being the largest franchisee, used his experience to lead MARBLELIFE to become the worlds largest franchise company in their field.

Today, with over 45 franchise owners in the USA, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, Portugal, Aruba and Chile, MARBLELIFE provides services for commercial properties and upscale homes all around the world.

Franchise concept

From ongoing training, safe patented products, and powerful business and marketing support, to in-house development & research, and regular technical bulletins and newsletters MARBLELIFE give their franchisees everything they need to be a booming success in this business. You will have the advantage of working in an environment of enthusiasm where everybody works together to create outstanding results for the customer, the craftsman, and the entire franchise system.

MARBLELIFE has also created a refined system of bringing in clients for the growth of your business. All you have to do is follow the MARBLELIFE’s proven plan and you will have business already waiting there for you when you get back from franchisee training .

Research and development is another area where MARBLELIFE stands out. New equipment and products are continually tested to guarantee that franchises have the best and most up-to-date technology available for them . And MARBLELIFE also recognizes that many times the greatest new ideas do not come from the corporate offices but also from franchisees who are in the field. For this reason, MARBLELIFE invites franchisees to bring their new ideas to the Research and Development Office.

Franchise partner profile

Because of their extremely effective business plans and complete franchise education process, no previous industry experience is required to be a MARBLELIFE franchise owner. If you are a businessperson that wants to join a great franchise network in an exciting and growing industry, just fill out the information below and see if MARBLELIFE is the right franchise opportunity for you!


stone restoration

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