solutions to create a healthy living environment.

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Franchise - Aerus
solutions to create a healthy living environment. - Franchise

Description of franchise system

AERUS is a thriving franchise company that manufactures and distributes healthy products for home use. They boast an impressive five-hundred or more locations in their organization. Aerus has long been a member of the Direct Selling Association, delivering cleaning and wellness products through franchise-modeled businesses . From the newest water and air purification systems to floor care systems, Aerus offers a healthy, safe and clean indoor atmosphere for more than 50 million homes and businesses across the United States and Canada.

Aerus’ franchise network spans North America with more than 500 franchised locations. Beginning in 1924, Aerus presents a solution for the need of a healthy and safe environment in which families can live. Aerus holds as its mission not only the improvement of the health of residences, but also the actual improving of lives, bringing fulfillment and wellbeing. To this end, the Aerus Healthy Home Consultants bring education on the topic of how to make a safe and healthy home for millions of clients.

Aerus’ mission is uncomplicated: to help make every house a healthy home. To this end, they offer genuine answers with services and products of the highest class. With their efficient straight-to-consumer business model, Aerus gives the consumer the exceptional chance to test their products before buying!

Leading in a growing home-health industry worth many billions, Aerus provides its franchisees with an exceptional opportunity one won’t find anywhere else. Aerus is the only company presently serving in this market that offers a single-stop, at-home shopping answer to these important interior-air-quality questions.

Franchise concept

Aerus’s franchisee applicants are provided with an opportunity to earn income while learning “the ropes? at Aerus University. Here they are supported with state-of-the-art controls, procedures and systems for success.

This incredible franchise prospect could not have a better price! Aerus combines the right applicant with advanced training, access to Aerus’ system database of 8 million customers, and the best-in-class Healthy Home products that earn high returns. When you franchise with Aerus, you will have everything you need to succeed and much more!

Franchise partner profile

Success as an Aerus Franchisee comes with the knowledge that it is not the quantity of capital for investment, but the quality of time and effort personally invested that will bring success to the Aerus system and program. Success, therefore, is made available to the franchisee at Aerus , and it is the added ingredient of their entrepreneurial effort and vision that makes this franchise-dream a reality, what Aerus refers to as “sweet equity.?

If you are interested in a prime franchise system with immeasurable profit potential, just fill out the information below and find out if Aerus could be the right franchise opportunity for you!


solutions to create a healthy living environment.

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