Why should you become a franchisor?

Being an entrepreneur, you should first recognize and weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of franchising with regards to your expansion plans before you start setting up your own franchise system.

What advantages do franchisors have from franchising?

By choosing franchising, franchisors can expand more quickly as the new business locations are financed by the franchisees. » Read more

What are the obligations of a franchisor?

It is the duty of franchisors to support their franchisees and help them to run their business by providing suitable measures as well as training measures. » Read more

What disadvantages do franchisors have from franchising?

Franchising involves various sets of problems which franchisors must overcome. » Read more

How can a successful franchise business be multiplied?

If branches or franchise businesses are to be built up true to the original then the essential elements of the management system must first be identified. » Read more

What are the reasons behind the dynamism of franchising?

The dynamism of franchising can essentially be put down to the increased process of services and services in return which mark both the growth and the collapse of a system. » Read more

What are the reasons behind the flexibility of franchising?

Whilst fears of the future and the levels of hierarchy often slow the process of adaptation in classic companies down, franchise systems are able to react in a far more flexible manner to changes. » Read more

How can franchise systems develop new fields of activity?

Most of the new activities for franchise systems have resulted from changes in framework conditions. » Read more

Business Planning for building up a new franchise system

Franchising offers companies the opportunity to rapidly increase sales using a limited amount of their own capital as well as of their own working capacity. » Read more

Pilot Phase

As well as offering their franchisees an innovation, franchisors also offer them a further factor. They sell them certainty. that their kind of business has been successful in at least the pilot business. » Read more

Make a Success of Your Products!

More and more companies are finding themselves being limited by traditional distributive channels. A possible solution to this is to build up one’s own sales network. » Read more

What hurdles do franchise systems that are still in their infancy have to face?

Following to ignorance, misjudgement and lack of proficiency numerous franchisors have to give up their activities every year. » Read more

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