What is a franchise / franchising?

Franchising is looking to achieve a “partnership for profit? i.e. the aim is that both the franchise head office and its partner-run businesses benefit from the cooperation work carried out between each other so that they all enjoy success on the market.

What is a franchise / franchising?

A franchise / franchising is seen as a method of selling products and/or services in which a business idea is passed on to an independent entrepreneur through the granting of a licence. » Read more

Franchise Definition by the European Franchise Federation (EFF)

Franchising is a system of marketing goods and/or services and/or technology, which is based upon a close and ongoing collaboration between legally and financially separate and independent undertakings » Read more

Which Types of Franchising Contracts can be found?

The European Commission differentiated between three types of franchising contracts which can also be found in a mixed form or be subdivided. » Read more

What are the primary reasons for franchising being such a success?

Priority in franchising is put on the use of a wide range of synergies that result from the standardization of company functions and the allocation of tasks among the partners. » Read more

What franchising fees are paid by franchisees?

Franchising involves a number of different fees which, for the most part, complement each other. » Read more

What does a ‘franchise offer’ comprise of?

Franchise systems are as a rule only successful if their system is based on an integral concept as far as management, information and working the market are concerned. » Read more

How does franchising differ from other forms of distribution?

When evaluating a franchise agreement it is important to first establish whether the aim and contents are really to do with franchising. » Read more

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