How should you look for the right franchise system?

You should be just as cautious when choosing a suitable franchise system as most people believe is necessary when choosing their future husband, wife or partner.

How should the right franchise concept be chosen?

When selecting a suitable franchise concept, it is not only important to analyse hard numbers – such as investment sums, average sales and margins – but also to take “soft factors? into account. » Read more

How is information procured within franchising?

This subject concentrates on the question of what you must take into consideration if you intend to join a franchise system by becoming a franchisee and an independent business person. » Read more

What questions crop up when choosing a franchise system?

A number of questions crop up again and again when going through the process of selecting a franchise system. » Read more

Are you asking yourself the right franchise questions?

By carrying out a self-assessment, you can find out if you are really the right person for starting up a franchise business. » Read more

Market Assessment

The market assessment helps you to assess the chances of success of a franchise system. » Read more

Systems Assessment

You can use the systems assessment to examine the franchise systems you are interested in in detail. » Read more

Performance Assessment

The following performance assessment enables you to scrutinize the service package offered by the franchise systems you are interested in and examine just how extensive the services offered by the franchisor are. » Read more

Contract Assessment

You can use the contract assessment to examine and question the agreements drawn up by the franchise companies before you sign them and commit yourself to setting up a business via franchising. » Read more

What exclusion criteria are there in franchising?

Before people interested in becoming a franchisee start serious discussions with a franchisor, they should first check whether they are really suited to becoming an independent business person within the framework of a franchise agreement. » Read more

What selection criteria are there in franchising?

The criteria which franchisors use to select their partners are as varied as the different business areas on offer. » Read more

What preliminary steps should be taken to check a franchise offer?

It is generally the case that in order to be able to assess how attractive a franchise offer is, it must first examined in great detail. » Read more

What steps should be taken to check a franchise offer in detail?

In the case of continued interest, the potential franchisee is recommended to enter into an in-depth discussion with the franchisor and to get into contact with several franchisees, which will enable him/her to clear up questions and queries arising from the studying of the introductory material. » Read more

How can the traps and stumbling blocks in franchising be avoided?

It is even more difficult for future franchisees to identify systems which have not been well-developed or not yet been tried and tested where companies have chosen the path of franchising out of genuine conviction or naivety. » Read more

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