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Description of franchise system

The healthiest sweets on earth

Oh no, not another frozen yoghurt franchise... No, not at all! Yo-Good is totally different. Everything we serve is not just delicious but also very healthy and absolutely fresh! Our yogurts are completely fat free without any artificial sweeteners. Our yoghurts are full of live probiotic bacteria, supporting the digestion and the natural balance of the gut flora.

Yo-Good frozen yoghurts can improve the immune functions and -according to some studies- even reduce the risk of cancer. Aren't this really good reasons to enjoy a delicious frozen yoghurt? Most people think so. In fact, the market for frozen yoghurt is continuously growing, with an estimated increase of over $1billion over the next years.

Yo-Good is perfectly positioned to benefit from this trend, standing at the forefront of the frozen yoghurt industry . With people becoming increasingly aware of the importance of healthy nutrition, Yo-Good is a future business. In a current study, 76% of all interviewed persons stated that they are trying to eat healthier when they eat out.

At Yo-Good, all topics are fresh and delicious. We offer a  wide selection of topics, many of them healthy fresh berries. We don't use artificial sweeteners for our topics either, they simply taste so great because we use only the very best, sweet berries. Our menu includes:

  • Hot drinks
  • Healthy Power Punchs
  • Frozen Yoghurts
  • Healthy and tasty crepes
  • Ice Teas
  • Healthy waffles

Yo-Good is already successfully operating in the Middle East, and we're conquering the world!

Franchise concept

The franchise that suites you most

We offer three different franchise concepts to make sure that your Yo-Good store suites your location and ambitions. The Yo-Good Bar is a small bar for locations with high traffic such as shopping malls. The Yo-Good Bar is a takeout only store without seating. A Yo-Good Bar requires only a low initial investment, and is suitable for co-branding.

A Yo-Good Kiosk is about 20 to 50 sq meters large and has a small number of seating, mainly high stools. You can open a Yo-Good Kiosk at a street front or in a shopping mall. The flag ship is our Yo-Good Lounge, a trendy place to meet, relax, and enjoy a delicious frozen yoghurt .

Yo-Good Lounges are located at locations with high exposure such as enclosed mall localities or street fronts. The Yo-Good Lounge is fully seated and offer the full Yo-Good menu. Whatever Yo-Good concept you prefer, you will receive all the training, support, equipment, store design, and assistance you'll need to make your business a huge success.

Franchise partner profile

Say yes to Yo-Good

If you're a business-minded individual with the abilities and the desire to own and operate a Yo-Good business , contact us and together, we'll bring the Yo-Good experience to your community!


frozen yoghurts

Open website

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