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Franchise - TIM HORTONS
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Business concept

Training and Support

New franchisees undergo an intensive seven to eight week training program at the Tim Hortons Training Centre, located in Oakville, Ontario, at the offices of their affiliate The TDL Group. The facility includes classrooms and a fully operational store, providing trainees with intensive hands-on experience in the preparation of all Tim Hortons products. Strong emphasis is placed on food handling and hygiene procedures, employee relations, equipment maintenance and in-store security systems.

Additionally, upon successfully completing the initial training program, you will spend up to 10 shifts doing "on-the-job training" in a fully-operational Tim Hortons, located in the same market as your own planned restaurant location.

Tim Hortons services their franchisees from their Dublin, Ohio office, where they maintain a team of skilled and dedicated professionals who provide operations, training, real estate development, construction, accounting, human resources, information technology, franchising and marketing support.

Tim Hortons’ District Managers are the direct link to the franchisees through their frequent on-site visits. In addition to their primary function of providing experienced and knowledgeable feedback and guidance, the District Managers also ensure that the standards of product quality, value, cleanliness and customer service are consistently met in all locations within their district.

The Franchisee

This business is a most demanding one. It requires and responds to personal attention. You must be able to operate your restaurant in accordance with Tim Hortons standards of service, quality and cleanliness. The new franchisee should provide a substantial amount of personal manual labor, especially during the first year of operation.

In order to own a Tim Hortons franchise, there must be two owner operators who:

- Both have equity in the business and will commit their full and entire efforts to the business

- Both have no other business venture

- Both are ready to sever relationships with their current employer prior to beginning the 7-8 week training session

- Both live in the U.S. within 30 miles of their Tim Hortons Shop

About us

Tim Hortons Inc. is a well-loved Canadian coffee shop known for its coffee and doughnuts. Tim Hortons franchises spread rapidly and eventually overtook McDonald's as Canada's largest food service operator.


Outside the hockey rink, Tim Horton was just as sharp. He realized that his hockey career would not last forever and sought to find a clever way to add to his hockey salary. After many summers of hustling to make an off-season living, Tim decided to try his luck in the coffee and donut business. The first Tim Hortons franchise opened in 1964 in Hamilton, Ontario.

In 1967, with three stores in operation, Tim became full partners with former police officer and franchisee of Tim Hortons Store #1, Ron Joyce. Since then, Tim's signature has become a prominent fixture in the Canadian landscape and a growing presence in the USA.

Business Model

The goal of Tim Hortons in the United States is to duplicate the same commitment to product quality, value, cleanliness, customer service and community leadership that has been established in Canada by their affiliate, The TDL Group Corp. These basic principles are best executed by owner/operators who are dedicated entirely to the hands-on operation of their Tim Hortons restaurants, and are supported by an extensive range of services provided by Tim Hortons and its affiliated companies.


As of March 30, 2008, there are 399 Tim Hortons locations in the United States. These are primarily situated in (and the areas surrounding) Buffalo, Rochester (New York), Detroit, Flint, Saginaw, Bay City, Midland, Lansing(Michigan), Columbus, Dayton, Toledo (Ohio), Erie (Pennsylvania), Charleston, Huntington, Wheeling (West Virginia), Maine, Rhode Island and Connecticut.

Future expansion and opportunities will continue in the above listed markets for the next several years, in addition to new expansion areas of Richmond (Indiana) and Syracuse (New York).


fast-food restaurants

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