ABRAKADABRA - Sprachen für Kinder

Franchising di scuole per l'insegnamento di lingue straniere

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Franchising - ABRAKADABRA - Sprachen für Kinder
Franchising di scuole per l'insegnamento di lingue straniere - Franchising
Franchising di scuole per l'insegnamento di lingue straniere - Franchising
Franchising di scuole per l'insegnamento di lingue straniere - Franchising

La Nascita del Progetto

Open up your own language school for children with Abrakadabra-Languages for Children! Here children learn foreign languages in a playful and stressfree manner. Make use of our know-how!

Abrakadabra-Languages for Children is a franchise system based on partnership in the field of early language acquisition and offers franchise licenses Germany- and Worldwide for the management of one's own children's language school. With our teaching method all children from the age of three have the possibility to learn one or more foreign languages. The children can playfully learn not only English but also French, Spanish or German.

Fun is the key to language acquisition!

With the professional guidance of the Abrakadabra-playinstructors, who are for the most part native speakers, the children can learn a foreign language. This happens without any pressure or learning stress. The children learn the new language playfully by imitating sounds. This requires no effort from the children for they have a natural talent for learning a language.

Setting up an existence with Abrakadabra-Languages for Children!

La Formula Commerciale

Abrakadabra-Languages for Children wants to continue to expand in the future and is therefore looking for franchise partners who are willing to embark upon their own independence together with our successful business. Become independent in a growing market, make use of the registered trademark Abrakadabra-Languages for Children and profit from the familiarity of its brandname to enable the children in your vicinity to learn foreign languages. Since Abrakadabra-Languages for Children is an established franchise system, future franchise partners can amongst others take advantage of the following:

  • a high-quality concept in the pedagogical as well as in the economic field
  • the franchisor's many years of experience and consequent professional support in setting up a business
  • a high-quality franchise handbook with tips and forms on the running operations (of your school)
  • short term support during the set-up phase as well as continuous support in executive management and marketing measures
  • independence at very low initial investment costs
  • training and help in setting into the Abrakadabra-Languages for Children franchise system
  • support in the choice of your location and co-workers
  • support in developing the teaching concept in management planning and in business installations
  • provisioning of practically oriented pedagogical materials
  • provisioning of brand names and other copyrights
  • support in advertising and public relations
  • support in setting up your own internet website that is centrally advertised via online marketing measures  by Abrakadabra-Languages for Children
  • exclusive area protection
  • exchange of experiences and ideas at mutual meetings

With Abrakadabra-Languages for Children you will receive a completed concept that you can immediately start with at your location. You won't have to wait long for your first customer!

Have your own language school for children become part of meanwhile 60 locations in Germany Austria and Switzerland as well as other countries! Make use of the trust that has been placed in our well-known brandname and enjoy the reputation of Abrakadabra-Languages for Children.

Il Partner Ideale

If you have specialist knowledge, team and entrepreneurial spirit as well as organisational talent, you could be the ideal franchise partner for Abrakadabra-Languages for Children. Sociability as well as pleasure in dealing with children are likewise prerequisites for a successful franchise partnership.
Become an independent teacher, a director of a children's language school or a Master Franchisor!

Can you envisage starting your own professional independence with Abrakadabra-Languages for Children? Don't hesitate in taking up contact with us now - we look forward to hearing from you!



Il franchising Abrakadabra - scuole di lingua straniera per bambini, inizia la sua espansione sul territorio italiano

Il franchising Abrakadabra, dopo aver consolidato la propria rete di scuole per l'insegnamento delle lingue straniere con formula di affiliazione in Austria e Svizzera, sta cominciando a gettare le... » Continua a leggere


Continua l'espansione del franchising Abrakadabra in Germania

Il franchisor ha annunciato la prossima apertura di cinque nuove scuole a marchio Abrakadabra localizzate rispettivamente ad ovest e a sud della Germania: Würzburg, Iserlohn, Grafenwöhr, Friburgo e... » Continua a leggere


The Abrakadabra franchise-system is also continuing to expand in Austria.

Three new franchise partners have recently opened their own children's language schools in Vienna, Austria. Thus, Abrakadabra is now represented in South Vienna, West Vienna and Central Vienna – an in... » Continua a leggere


ABRAKADABRA franchise system enjoys significant growth

Having just recently opened its first Abrakadabra language school in Austria (Innsbruck), the Abrakadabra franchise system has now announced the opening of its first Swiss location (in and around G... » Continua a leggere


ABRAKADABRA - Sprachen für Kinder

Franchising di scuole per l'insegnamento di lingue straniere

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