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Franchise - CAP

Beschreibung des Franchise-Systems

PIC Network
Performance Improvement Consultant Franchise

The PIC network is a network of independent consultants whose job is to help SMBs leaders in improving their performance. Our consultants' expertise is based on a unique consulting method : the PIC method. It combines the power of a management software entitled MAXSI and a diagnostic and analysis approach.

The PIC method was born from the observation that a large majority of SMBs leaders have no management tools for their business. They are often in a lack of time, suffer from loneliness, have little or no management culture and focus either on sales or production. With the PIC method, the consultant therefore provides a real solution to the direction of the client company.

Company history
LMD development gathers 20 years of experience in consulting, working with SMBs. We are settled in the Caribbean, Guyana, on the island of Reunion, The Comoros, Mayotte, French-speaking Africa and Belgium, through a network of licensed partners. LMD Development continues its international expansion and now targets the countries of Eastern Europe and English-speaking Africa.



The Performance Improvement Consultant (PIC), serves competitiveness. He defines and implements, within the available means, the rules of cooperation to reach the company objectives and the improvement of its performance.

His mission is to : 

  • collect, make reliable, compare and interpret facts and data to make a diagnosis.
  • suggest innovative, appropriate and pragmatic solutions to solve problems.
  • support, develop, mobilize all stakeholders and transfer his expertise. 

The consultant's qualities
The consultant is a facilitator helping the organization taking charge of itself. He must consider the business leader's vision of the problem and use his resources in the construction of effective solutions, involving the leader in the intervention. Therefore, the consultant must demonstrate a high listening quality and understanding, humility, respect, flexibility and be a real teacher organized in his work in order to constantly being able to adapt to his clients.
Whether you are a former executive in reconversion, an entrepreneur or a consultant already in practice and searching for a network, we give you a turnkey solution for the success of your project.


Before the integration
The candidate has a personal interview with one of our coaches for a study of its business creation plan. For us, the candidate must not only find an answer to a technical need in terms of skills or methods, but also a need in terms of developing self-confidence, identity and values.

During the integration
Once he is a member of the PIC network, the performance improvement consultants, follow a continuing and complete training, adapted to each case. We train them to their profession and to use work tools. We also teach them how to sell a consuling mission because the consultant has not only to master his subject, but he must be able to sell his expertise. On the other hand, with the PIC Network, our consultants can enjoy coaching sessions for their personal development as well as a marketing, sales and technical support.

After the integration
The performance improvement consultant is also an independent consultant. Therefore, we support the consultants in the creation of their consulting firm. They will enjoy financial independence, control of their time and of their choice of environment and geographical working area.



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