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Marketing- und Unternehmensberatung

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Franchise - Alchemy Network
Marketing- und Unternehmensberatung - Franchise
Marketing- und Unternehmensberatung - Franchise
Marketing- und Unternehmensberatung - Franchise
Marketing- und Unternehmensberatung - Franchise


"Wir bieten ein erprobtes, nicht alltägliches Beratungskonzept für die Zusammenarbeit mit kleinen und mittleren Unternehmen. Dieses Konzept erlaubt Ihnen, eine partnerschaftliche Zusammenarbeit mit dem Firmeneigentümer, um die Firma taktisch und strategisch weiter zu entwickeln. Auf Basis des 7-stufigen Alchemy Geschäftsentwicklungsprozesses führen Sie die Unternehmen zu mehr Umsatz und Gewinn. Der größere Teil Ihres Honorars ist erfolgsabhängig – je mehr Gewinn das Unternehmen erwirtschaftet, desto mehr profitieren auch Sie als Lizenznehmer/Alchemy Berater. Es entsteht eine win-win Situation.

Über uns

The Alchemy of business

The Alchemy Network gives you the opportunity to become partner with our international consulting and deal making professionals network. Our partners use their own business experience to help companies enhance their performance.

Our cutting edge systems will create personal equity for you and your clients. You will build and develop businesses using the Alchemy’s unique system.

The Alchemy Network enables business consultants and deal makers to leverage their experience and background and give something back. Our consultants assist and work alongside with business owners and operators of small and medium sized companies. We help them achieve the short term and long term financial and business success they desire.

Our network is continuously, internationally expanding. Currently, our partners are operating in the UK, Australia, France, Ireland, Switzerland, Austria, New Zealand, Germany, Sweden and the USA.

The Alchemy formula

We understand that you have the experience and expertise to give advice to help business enhance their performance. And you probably might think, 'why not do it on my own?'. But our unique Alchemy's system could change the way you think, and the way you do business, forever. Our concept could alter the direction of your business life. It already has altered the direction of life for many others, highly professional consultants.

As an Alchemy Network franchisee, you will enjoy the respect and prestige of a personally fulfilling profession, while achieving financial freedom for you and your family.

Working as an independent consultant under the guidance of the Alchemy Network will help you achieve personal freedom and enable you to work the hours you like. There are significant differences between the Alchemy Network and other business consulting franchise opportunities.

Being part of our worldwide Alchemy Network will provide you with everything you need to succeed in this lucrative and personally rewarding profession.

When you decide to join our franchise network, you will receive a comprehensive training program to learn the Alchemy system. We will help you gain your first clients and help you to successfully develop your consulting business. We have developed a fast track system for the rapid and sustainable growth of your practice.

When you visit your clients, you will be able to demonstrate and perform your business with your personal iPad. We have created special client tools, resources and manuals for the iPad.

The Alchemy Network franchise opportunity is a risk-free business opportunity. If you aren't comfortable with your system, you'll get your money back. There's no financial risk for you.

Become an Alchemist

We are looking for business professionals who are serious about taking their chance to create a successful business.

If you are willing to work hard and provide the best consulting services to your clients, please contact us to discuss the possibility of joining our network.

Alchemy Network

Marketing- und Unternehmensberatung

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