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Description of franchise system

Everyone hates real estate agents and the high commissions they get.
Weather you wish to sell or to buy a house or a flat - you will pay for the real estate agent. And more and more people can't afford to lose the money they need to pay for the commission. 

While everyone struggles with the recession, we do far better than most business. Our commission-free proposition is even more attractive during a market downturn, when people need to save money.

This is why we believe that selling privately is the future of real estate.
PropertyGuys provides a safe and practical way for buyers and sellers to connect to each other and avoid the high cost of commission. We are a network of people on the ground in communities all across Canada that provides an alternative to the real estate market .

We pioneered over ten years ago with the assisted private sale concept. Today our brand is synonymous with our successful system for selling homes privately.

Our concept has won numerous awards - and it keeps winning more and more. Currently, our network of franchisees is serving over 600 communities across Canada - but of course, we wish to expand.

Franchise concept

You will be trained at our University, where we will introduce you to a faculty of world class professional trainers who provide the knowledge, training and support required for success in our system.

At the University, top performing franchise owners will share their first-hand experiences with you. Our unique one week-long learning environment has been almost universally described by graduates as unlike anything they have ever experienced.

Of course, you receive everything you need to get started from operational and training guides, conventions, webinars, professional coaching to award winning marketing materials. But most importantly, you will be joining a great community that is eager to help you succeed.

And when there will be those days when you ask yourself why you didn't take the easy route and opt for a steady pay check, we will also be there to help you.

Every year our annual conference takes place, where we announce new programs and connect with other franchisees across the country .

To get started, all you need is a computer, a digital camera, a fax machine, of course internet access, a dedicated business line and the PropertyGuys start-up package.

Franchise partner profile

If you feel, PropertyGuys is right for you, don't be shy. Contact us.
Once you've contacted us, we'll call you and get to know each other a bit. We'll then invite you to use our unique recruitment tool.

We have developed a survey process which we use as a tool to confirm your fit in our organization. This online profile helps us to find out which of your skills we can maximize and what areas we may need to help you with.

But don't worry, you can't go wrong anywhere in the procedure. Just give it a try!


real estate agents

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