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Description of franchise system

FELICITY HAT HIRE has set out to redefine the hat business all over the world, offering top-of-the-line designer hats, such as those seen on top celebrities and royalty, into the grasp of every woman, for only a small percentage of the normal cost.

Imagine owning a business where every customer thinks of your hat shop as an exhilarating experience, elated to be surrounded by so many designer hats, and glad to hand you the payment because of the amazing discount they are receiving by renting hats as apposed to buying them.

Widely known as the "best lifestyle business ", Felicity Hat Hire is really quite distinctive. Most of their franchise owners are women who desire to own and operate a business following leaving careers they did not like or bringing up children.

A great many Felicity Franchisees initially saw this franchise opportunity as a very good additional income, and then in many cases, their very lucrative supplementary income overtakes their husband's primary one!

Brand familiarity of the Felicity Hat Hire franchise has reached fully national degree, and expansion into North American, European and other international marketplaces is already in progress. The energy of the company’s amazing progress has been building more and more. Felicity is regularly mentioned in the national television media including 'This Morning', and numerous BBC programs.

Through their network of boutiques, Felicity displays a spectacular assortment of some of the most magnificent hats in the world. With hundreds of the best hats to choose from, Felicity Hat Hire can provide a hat that is just right for the customer’s special day - and by renting, they only have to pay a small part of the cost to buy.

Felicity Hat Hire has also established beneficial marketing agreements with the major hat designers and manufacturers in the UK. Their respected British name will prove a fine customer attraction for branches opened in the United States.

Franchise concept

Having the motto, “For US to succeed, YOU must succeed!? Felicity pledges to be with you at every turn in your business.

An all-inclusive franchise support system is accessible to all franchise owners, which includes guidance in raising capital, location, development of business plans, as well as complete PR and marketing support.

A lofty standard for hat presentation and accessories combined with the company’s vigorous advertisement guarantees that franchise owners a very visible presence wherever a Felicity Hat Hire franchise location is opened.

A all-inclusive franchisee training program is also provided to make sure that you understand all aspects of running a thriving hat renting business with absolute confidence and so that all locations are offering the highest quality of service to customers and a full.

Franchise partner profile

Already well-known on a national level as the biggest hat hire business in the United Kingdom, Felicity Hat Hire is now looking for new and energetic franchisee candidates across North America and abroad to share in the company’s great success!

With a very reasonable start-up investment, this franchise business is within almost anyone’s reach. All that is needed is a strong work ethic, good sense of style and solid financial sensibilities. New franchise owners are chosen upon their commitment and character, rather than the extent of their retail experience.



Felicity Hat Hire – hundreds of hats for every occasion

According to the Felicity Hat Hire franchise system, its hat shops are unique as they display such a large range of hats from well known manufacturers – hats which in the past were exclusive to the... » Read more

Felicity Hat Hire

hat hire for all occasions

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