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Description of franchise system

Being different. Being more successful.

Are you considering starting your own consulting practice ? If yes, starting your own franchise business with us could be the answer. EPI is leading the field in innovative cost management systems throughout the UK and Europe. For management professionals looking for an opportunity take over the control of their life/work balance, earn a good income, and develop a business of their own with a real value for their future, there's no better opportunity in the industry than EPI International.

Today, all organizations need to achieve efficiencies and cut costs, but it's a complicated balancing act to achieve this. Some companies tackle the problem in house, but mostly the work is done by consultancies. But, unfortunately, most consultants will only do part of the job. Consultants often focus only on cost reduction and forget about the the need for a culture of on-going improvements and continuous cost management. Not so EPI.

We have achieve millions of saving for our clients though our innovative Efficiency and Cost Optimization program called iCEO. This method combines knowledge transfer programs with proven consulting methods and efficient software tools that reduce costs, eliminate waste, and improve business process efficiencies. If this sounds interesting, please read on.

Franchise concept

We don't make promises we don't keep

If you are on a quest for the ideal franchise opportunity for you, you probably have already come across several “truly exceptional and unique franchise opportunities ? and some others that promised you instant success without any previous business experience. But, honestly, do you believe this..?

Once you see through the hype, you will find out that those opportunities make only the franchisor rich , because there's simply no ‘guaranteed success’ for anyone. You can only achieve a sustainable success if you offer a service or product that is great value for money, and if you promote it intelligently. When you join as a EPI franchisee, we'll provide you with expert help and advice to get your franchise up and running as soon as possible through our individual client acquisition program and detailed training.

As part of your franchise package you will receive:

  • best practice templates
  • presentations
  • proposals
  • marketing materials
  • case studies

For individuals with the right set of skills and attitude EPI International represents an excellent opportunity to develop a sustainably successful business , and you'll receive all information you'll need to make a profound decision for EPI International.

Franchise partner profile

Do you have the right aspirations..?

We are currently enlarging our network of franchisees to share in our success. And because we know what it takes to succeed, we want people with the right skills and drive to succeed. If you have a good understanding of the processes of business, a strong professional record, the determination to succeed, and excellent communication skills , you could be just who we've been looking for.

epi international

cost management automation services

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